We will be starting at Horseshoe Meadows and going over Army Pass or New Army Pass. I think we will head North a couple miles past Army Pass and get up into the basin full of lakes. We then ride the PCT for a couple days with a stop in the Wright Lakes basin. Then up to Lake South America (remember that trail? Life's a beach on this one). From there we go to Harrison Pass. This is pretty high and may have lots of snow on the North side (the downhill side for us). That means some really high speed descents (that's down, except much faster than you may want to go). We pull into our old favorite Reflection Lake and spend some time there. Then a one day bail out down to Bubb's Creek and out to the car. That trail is becoming real familiar to this group.

There is snow and still frozen lakes. Like last year issues are high water and steep snow routes. Who knows, this may make for some real "cool" stuff ...again! The plan is to be real safe at water crossings. There are no big bad off trail passes so I think crampons may not be needed although we will be going over some real high passes, like 12,000++. I am sure I will hear otherwise if that is not correct.

We will have a couple BIG days on the trail. You ready? Some good news, looks like we start above 9,000'. That will be so nice because I hear Eric is already way out of control on the menu!

Also, this year we are going to be spending time remembering Joe. Be at Eric's at 7pm on Friday night to start this trip with Joe in mind.




Trail head
Begin: Horseshoe Meadow
End: Roads End - Kings Canyon National Park

July 2006

& Stats:

7 days, near 60 miles,


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