Dinner Menu 2001 BACK

Menu Night One
Owen’s Rattlesnake peppercorn pate
Tomato Bisque with fresh basil
Braised Rack of Baby Bighorn
Couscous with western Kangaroo Rat
Cucumber salad with White Rhino steak tomatoes garnished with Golden Poppy
Raspberry tart

Menu Night Two
Tangy lemon Galapagos Crab salad
Miso soup with 1000 year old Albatross eggs
California avocado roll
Teriyaki Taboose Trout (smoked teriyaki salmon)
Chocolate Cookie

Menu Night Three
Garlic toasted Cheddar bruscetta
Tomotillo soup with Indian Bottlebrush garnish
Black bean corn tacos with grilled Gray Wolf (only 6 now remaining in Western US)
Spanish rice with Kit Fox
Mandarin orange tart

Menu Night Four
Smoked Spring Run Chinook Salmon filet with mustard
Spotted Owl Leek Soup
Seared spicy White Bengal sausage
Brown Rice with fledgling Bald Eagle breast
Pineapple Kiwi tart

Menu Night Five
Pan Seared Grizzly flank on baguette
Potato soup with Pacific Otter sweetbreads
Pasta with marinara sauce
Carrot salad with vinaigrette
Peach cookie

Menu Night Six
Fairy Shrimp Salad with red bell peppers
Hearty Leatherback Sea Turtle Chowder with oyster crackers
Wild rice with grilled breast of Condor and roasted pine nuts
Cabbage salad with currants and pine nuts with parmesan vinaigrette