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Chez Le Canyon de Rois 2002

Spicy crab with argentine lentils on toasted bread
Tomato bisque soup with fresh basil
Braised rack of baby Bighorn
Cucumber salad with plump Romo tomatoes served with sesame papaya drizzle
Chocolate raspberry cookie

Sake-Kasu marinated fresh trout with lemon dill caper sauce
Sweet shrimp and red pepper salad with lemon grass on a wheat biscuit
Sliced Shitakes with vegetable pate on sesame cracker
Miso soup with fresh scallions
High Sierra roll with Shumani crab and Sunmono cucumbers
Rice with spicy Shoyu peanut sauce
Cinnamon apple tart with brown sugar rum glaze

Angel hair Puttansca with alpine scallops and morels
Pacific mackerel with capers and fresh dill sprigs
Williamson clam chowder
Foccacia bread with roasted garlic, scallions and marinated black olives
Mandarin orange Grand Marnier tart

Poblano blackbean corn salsa on a Patagonian tortilla with sharp cheddar cheese
Cammarones with roasted green chilies with lime on a pepper cracker
Arroz a la Mexicana
Tequila tomatillo bisque with cilantro oil
Spanish pecan cookies with dark chocolate blackberry preserve

New Zealand sardine with oysters and dill on sesame bread
Mountain blackbean stew with baby carrots and Maui onions
Pan seared golden trout in a light lemon garlic shallot butter sauce
Wild Nevada rice with toasted hazel and pine nuts
Black currant and carrot salad with a tangy citrus cranberry vinaigrette
Kiwi pineapple cookie

Tres fungi crème marinara with pyranese linguini
Lemon arugala salmon with Albergine caviar
Sour dough baguette with Brie and roasted elephant garlic
Salade rouge et vert cabbage with Sonoma raisins and a mango vinaigrette
Peach and tangerine tart