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High Sierra Dining 2003

Aged rack of baby bighorn with a shallot sage infused Merlot nage
Tomato bisque purée with fresh basil
Plump Roma tomatoes with fresh baby corn (1st marker) and a Feta cheese vinaigrette
Soft shell crab with red pepper and lentil a toasted cracker
Fresh peach tort

Ahi sashimi with ginger and wasabi
Miso soup with fresh scallions
Mandarin rice with a peanut/vegetable medley
Upper Kings rainbow trout with lemon, dill and wild onions
Cinnamon apple tart with brown sugar glaze

Arrow Peak golden trout in a tangerine vodka glaze
Pinchot pass clam chowder
Foccacia bread with roasted garlic scallions & marinated black olives
Salmon with honey mustard capers on a wheat wafer
Linguini with Parmesan & fresh basil olive oil
Candied pecan cake

Black bean corn salsa & sharp cheddar wrapped with Rae lake tortillas
Cilantro Mexican tomatillo soup
Peruvian rice with roasted whole green chilies and melted jalapeno queso
Lemon cookies with Grand Marnier glaze

CA Condor fledgling leek soup
Sardines & Oysters with dill on sesame bread
Sierra Nevada wild rice with toasted Macadamia and capers
Black currant & carrot salad in Zinfandel vinaigrette
Golden trout fillet with garlic Pinot almandine
Kiwi pineapple cookie

Tibetan corn (final marker) chowder
Garden crab salad with red pepper and capers
Sourdough baguette with Brie/roasted garlic & artichoke pesto
Salmon crème linguini with Parmesan black pepper
Zucchini cranberry vinaigrette salad
Alpine Swiss chocolate in raspberry mint