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Sierra High Country Cuisine
For Your Dining Pleasure:
Menu 2004

Saturday, July 24 Dinner
Oysters on a cracker with a dill red pepper sauce
Fresh beefsteaks with baby corn (first marker) with a feta & balsamic vinaigrette
Tomato bisque puree with fresh basil
Anejo rack of Rock Creek bighorn* (6 left..oops make that 5)
Fresh “Pink Ladies”

Sunday, July 25 Dinner
Brie cheese with artichoke pesto on a sesame seed cracker
Condor leek soup* (12 left.. no make that 11)
Fresh Pioneer Basin kokanee tortellini with caper dill cream sauce & a zest of lemon
Brown sugar cinnamon glazed flambé of “Red Delicious” bedded on pastry

Monday, July 26 Lunch
Chinese falcon breast salad*
Napa cabbage slaw with crunchy noodles dressed in a sesame peanut cilantro marriage

Monday, July 26 Dinner
Lauren’s Maize cakes draped with Oxacan roasted red pepper topped with melted pepper jack cheese
Tequila lime tomatillo bisque with habanero cilantro oil sprinkled with tortilla confetti
Poblano black bean corn salsa on a Patagonian tortilla with Moaning Cavern aged sharp cheddar
Lake Geneva chocolate boulders with Darlene’s raspberry kahlua drizzle

Tuesday, July 27 Dinner
Black pepper crackers with Atlantic sardines dusted with dill & oregano
Hopkins little neck clam chowder
Roasted garlic cloves with olive oil on a toasted sourdough baguette
Penne with a crab, shrimp and lobster chiopino inspired garden red sauce
Mandarin orange Grand Marnier tart

Wednesday, July 28 Dinner
Sliced cucumber, wild Maui onions and roasted red pepper chop tossed in a Chipottle vinaigrette
Hokkaido miso soup
Grinnell wild rice with toasted almonds, currants, & dried cranberries flavored with the essence of Nepal
Silver divide golden trout with a mandarin citron vodka marmalade
Allie’s tangerine pineapple tartlet

Thursday, July 29 Dinner
Wild ramp onion soup with grated parmesan block
Goddard canyon black currant & carrot salad with citrus cranberry vinaigrette
Sourdough baguette with roasted elephant garlic spread topped with a melted brie blanket
Owens River fairy shrimp gumbo with Minarette red beans, serrano peppers and wild Vermillion onion
Just chocolate

*Endangered Species