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Sierra High Country Cuisine

Menu 2005

Saturday July 23rd
Oysters con red pepper
Tomato Feta salad in Balsamic Vinaigrette
Brown Stone Corn Chowder
Herb crusted rack of lamb
Fresh peach surprise

Sunday July 24th
Brie cheese artichoke pesto on pepper cracker
Potato chicken leek soup
Tender Tortellini with a caper cream dill caper sauce
Beer’s Apollo desert specialty

Monday July 25th
Roise Peak Maize cakes with red bell pepper tamponade
Crispy tortilla soup
Tortillas with spicy Mt. Julian beans and sharp cheddar cheese
Beer’s chocolate cookie delight

Tuesday July 26th
Vee Lake sardines on a sesame cracker with honey mustard
Claw Lake Clam corn chowder
Toasted garlic on a fresh baguette
Penne with a tomato shrimp, albacore, and crab sauce
Finishing with Grand Marnier Special

Wednesday July 27th
Crab, oysters and red pepper on a crispy wheat cracker
Seven Gable Miso soup
Marion wild rice with currants, cranberries, and toasted almonds
Sweet cookies

Thursday July 28th
French Canyon onion soup with grated Parmesan
Fresh carrot and black current salad with a tasty papaya seed dressing
Roasted garlic with melted brie cheese on a sour dough baguette
Muir rice gumbo with shrimp and tomatoes
Dessert-Chef’s choice